Sorry that the blog has not been super interesting lately. I’m trying to garde mes sous so my trips have been very small (Ile d’Oléron to see a friend in August, Paris for Toussaint), so there’s nothing much to report on that front. I have a few free days coming up after Christmas that I’d like to do something with. I get back from the States on the 1st (yes, in the airplane for the New Year), and my first day of class is the 5th. The third week of January is exams so I won’t be working, and I won’t have CAPES results yet either. Then of course there’s the vacation in February. But I’m not sure I’ll have the money to do anything. The CNED has been expensive (600 euros) and though it’ll be paid off this month, there’s Christmas to pay for and then I’ll want to finally start saving more than 100 euros a month! Someone told me recently that the centre des impots allows you to pay your taxes throughout the year in monthly installments, so I’m hoping to go talk to them next week and get that set up. Then at least I won’t be saving up just to pay taxes.

Lately though I’ve been thinking a spa weekend would be perfect. I’ve got this eye twitch going on since Monday evening and though it’s not too bad, I’m wondering if I’m more stressed out/anxious than I realize.

In the meantime my life is mostly CAPES, teaching, and trying to stay sane. This long weekend will go to two soirées and literary movements, grammar analysis, and translation. Exciting! Not. Especially since it’ so gray out. Though I should really not complain about that.

I think I also didn’t mention that I got my passport renewed at the American Embassy in Paris, in RECORD TIME. WIN for the U.S. Embassy. I sent it off on Monday and got it back the Tuesday eight days later. Now I have a photo that looks like me. And 53 empty pages to fill. (The last one was only 28. Am wondering if they noticed how much I travel—I had one page left—and so doubled it or if 53 pages is just standard now.) I got the old one back with hole punches in it and think I will take it with me just in case when I go home for Christmas since my entry stamp is in it.


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  1. You can start paying in monthly installments as long as you have paid taxes at least once. We’re starting the monthly stuff this year, and they base the amount on how much we paid last year.

    I renewed my passport in summer 2008 and I only got 28 pages. I want more!

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