Bum. mer.

Julien’s car got broken into at his friend’s house outside of Paris Saturday night. They couldn’t take the car because it has a code, but they took his GPS, digital camera, and bag full of climbing stuff (two pairs of shoes, harness, and dégaines—don’t even know what you call those in English… apparently a quickdraw?). He estimated it all at about 1100 euros worth of stuff.

In the meantime, I think I have a sinus infection. Am going to the doctor tomorrow to figure it out. Would like to not have a sore throat/upset tummy (upset tummy goes against sinus infection hypothesis) next week, when guess what… it’s the CAPES! For two days! Then I can stop talking about it for two. whole. months.


4 thoughts on “Bum. mer.

  1. Laura: I definitely read your blog, I found it on the assistants’ blog thread! Bar le Duc was a great year, though it definitely had its boring moments. By the end of the year I was going to Nancy almost every weekend.

    SarahZ, Aurora7: thanks for the well wishes! I’ll be glad when this part’s over!

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