Back to normal life. Am trying to limit my visits to CNED and concours-related forums to once every two days. I joined a gym. I’m going to a cours collectifs tomorrow after I buy a gym bag and some pantacourts. Soon I hope to not feel so lame in front of my sporty rock-climbing friends with their ubiquitous six-packs. There was a good deal going on till Tuesday so it’s actually pretty cheap, with unlimited access to the machines and the classes, and they have lots of different classes. The woman who inscrired me was really nice, and said that I might even meet some new people. Who knows? At the very least it’ll be something do to, and it’ll be good for me.

I went to see Marie at her new place in Montmorillon a few weekends ago and we decided to use our week of vacation in March (first week of March) to go down to Arcachon, spend one day in a spa, and one day on the dunes. I’ll finally see the Dune de Pyla!

That’s still a far ways off, though, so for the moment I’m most excited about pilates classes and going home for Christmas! I reserved a room at the Comfort Inn by CDG for Dec 17th so I don’t have to deal with any Paris the morning of my flight, or with not getting much sleep because of crashing on someone’s couch. It was only 50 euros for a night, with free transportation to and from the airport.


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