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Julien has a blog, pretty much about climbing and the activities of the club in Poitiers, so not necessarily interesting for most of you. I’ve added it to my blogs I read list. What is interesting though are the fascinating mistakes he makes in written French, at least when I or no one else checks it over for him (i.e. most of the time).

Some of the best have been:

1) “En vacance” without an -s and not believing me when I said it always has an s
2) “On aura pas” without an n’ and telling me it was the liaison that did the negative
(We resolved both of these disputes by doing a google search test, and I won both.)
3) Saying “Merci à ce qui on pensait à mon anniversaire” (this was actually on facebook)

It’s things like #2 and #3 that make me realize we do NOT think about this language the same way at all, nor did we learn it the same way.

(I’m assuming, since you all know I’m a language teacher and a pseudo-applied-linguist, that it will be obvious that I find these interesting from a language point-of-view and that I’m not disparaging my boyfriend in any way.)

2 thoughts on “A new link

  1. I find mistakes like that really interesting too! Especially the ones that arise from homonyms (like ce and ceux). My students had such atrocious spelling in French because of that, and of course, text message language. I like reading blogs in French and finding mistakes, not to be mean or nitpicky to the person writing them, but to see how native speakers’ mistakes are so different from the mistakes of French learners. It really is fascinating.

  2. That’s funny, both C & I really enjoy this kind of stuff too – and C sees his fonctionnaire colleagues make so many similar mistakes, that it made him decide to start working on a grammar book on the side!

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