In Texas

Well! I’ve been in Texas since Saturday night, and though I was sad to leave J, it’s been pretty fun (except for the jetlag). My belle-soeur arrived before my brother, so we went out with my parents to Urban Taco, a Dallas-based restaurant, and it was super yummy. In fact, it’s been almost nothing but yummy restaurants since I arrived:

Urban Taco
La Gloria (on the new Riverwalk extension)

And then in Austin today with old high school friends L, R, and my bro and belle-soeur, we ate at Torchy’s, walked up Mount Bonnell, and went to the little French Legation Museum before having coffee at Progress.

I’ve been going to bed at 9/9:30 and getting up at 8. Most likely that will end soon but usually it doesn’t even last this long. So not much has been happening in the evenings. But it’s still been super fun. San Antonio is an awesome place to have family.


3 thoughts on “In Texas

  1. L says:

    So I’m way behind the ball here, but how are you taking the CAPES without a European nationality? Is it a public/private thing where you can take the concours but only teach in private schools?

    • I’m actually taking the CAFEP CAPES, which is technically a different concours, though with the same subjects and the same dates. It’s open to non-European nationalities because you don’t become a fonctionnaire, but are instead “under contract” with the state.

      Thanks for the heads up on the html Laurel! Wouldn’t want people thinking we’d walked up the French Legation Museum…

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