Last day in Texas till…?

Well, my two weeks in San Antonio are coming to an end—I fly back to France tomorrow. I’ll head to the airport tomorrow with my parents since they have an earlier flight to Ecuador. From there they take two little flights and then get on a boat that will circle the Galapagos Islands for seven days. As biochemists and scuba divers, they are understandably pretty excited. They’ve been reading books about it during the vacation.

I never like the flight in this direction, at all. I never manage to sleep on planes, I have to wear my glasses all day and feel gross, and then I get back and have to stay awake all day. Plus I’m doing it all alone. This time at least I get taken to the airport by my parents and picked up from the train station by J, with no RER or metro, just a three-hour wait in cold CDG. And I just have one lay-over, in the classy Dallas D international terminal. Seriously, there are like two brookstones, an Einstein bagels, and tons of duty free shops. Also my parents are getting me into the Presidents Club in SA before my first flight.

I’m leaving with two suitcases, though I arrived with one half full, because of all the things I want to take back with me—two coats and lots of presents. I wish I could take more. Like maybe the dogs.


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