The results of the CAPES written section came out yesterday (they had actually pushed the publication date to Monday) and I’m admissible! In non French-speak, that means I get to go to the orals, which are this summer. I was refusing to start studying for the orals until the results came out. I needed the break plus it was just too nice not thinking about the CAPES for two months. And though I really was starting to think my chances of passing this part were high (most notably because of the low number of candidates), it was still hugely exciting to see my name on the list. Especially considering how last July I had no clue how I would make it to this point. The excitement has given me a good bit of motivation to start attacking these confusing orals.

J’s little sister is taking the sports exam this year and she, incidentally, is admissible too. I also discovered that there’s another girl in Poitiers taking the CAFEP and studying with the CNED so we hope to meet up weekly to work on the orals. In total, there are three of us in the academie and the third is the American I talked to the day of the exam, who lives in La Rochelle. Chances seem good for a stage in Poitiers if I pass this thing. There are 136 of us going to the orals, for 100 positions, though we all wonder if they will fill all the positions.

Otherwise, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Things have been good. I’ve got some light weeks right now because students are in exams. I went to Nancy last weekend to catch up with a couple of people from my assistant year and it was a really nice trip even though I surprisingly did not step foot on the Place Stan. We ate really good Japanese food and played lots of Rock Band (addictive—I was on drums).

What with studying, gym, a new language tandem, and plans to meet up more with the other English uni lecteurs/mdl, I think things may get busy around here.


4 thoughts on “Admissible!

  1. SarahZ says:

    Congratulations!! I was pretty sure I saw you on the list but was waiting for confirmation! Good luck with the next part of studying, you have a good amount of time to cram everything in.

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