WE à Nantes

This last weekend I went to Nantes with J and some of the grimpeurs, notably our friend I who just spent a year in Canada. They were going for a bloc (boulder) competition and since I didn’t want to spend the entire day watching them climb (especially at a boulder competition where everyone’s climbing at the same time on a few dozen different boulders) I went into Nantes to see the castle and the city before getting a ride to the salle to watch the finals.

I know far too much about rock-climbing these days, yet, listening to them talk and considering the questions I still ask, still very little compared to them. I hesitate to post too many competition photos but to give you all some idea of what I spend more and more time watching, I’m going to post some. Boulder climbing and cliff climbing (“difficulté”) are, according to J, two different sports, and they’re different to watch. I think I maybe enjoy watching boulder climbing a little more since it’s more dynamic (they get a certain number of minutes to have as many tries as they want at the boulder) but I find them both pretty passionnant, at least in moderate doses.

So here we go, starting off with my wanderings in Nantes:

At the Chateau des ducs de Bretagne:

Inside the fortress

A fancy tower inside the fortress

The old LU factory (think petits-beurres):

At the competition:

J. in the quarter-final:

I. in the semi-final:

Videos of both:

(I should put a disclaimer here: J. never made it to the end of this one and wasn’t particularly thrilled with his performance, though he did end up finishing 6th. The end here was that orange hold up right.)

I. did make it to the end of this one and advanced to the semi-final, finishing third. There was a man and a woman climbing at the same time so sometimes the cheers are for the other person finishing.

Later that night we went out in Nantes and ended up taking a little tour by the castle and through the east part of town. Which led to this charming exchange that is STILL making me laugh:

Adrien: —some info about about the castle and the Nantes Edict: “l’édit de Nantes” being the French for that—
Me: Julien, l’édit de Nantes c’est pas ce qu’a fait tué tous les protestants?
Julien: Je sais pas, je croyais que c’était une nana.
And then I told everyone else what he’d said.

And as often happens when you pass something climbable (e.g. a bridge) with a group of climbers:

Climbing a bridge that had a very accessible path just to the side

Almost there


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