It's been so long since I posted that WordPress logged me out.

I’ve been waiting for updates on a few things in order to post, but it seems information is not going to come quickly. I’ve found out that I’ll possibly have to do a stage this year in the Catholic school system, which I for one thought was just for people getting the masters degree associated with the concours, not with the concours itself. So I contacted the enseignement catholique a couple of weeks ago, talked with a very nice man (they’re always incredibly nice! it’s like talking to Americans—they very clearly aren’t just trying to get you off the phone), and am waiting for a definitive response.

Otherwise, not much is new. I’m on vacation for a week as of yesterday afternoon. I’m done with my TOEIC soutien classes, though am now starting some TOEIC with my first-years. I’m looking for ways to make it more interesting than it usually is.

J took me out on Tuesday for Valentine’s. Yes, I am aware that Valentine’s Day was Monday. But restaurants are usually closed Monday nights in France and apparently in Poitiers they don’t think it’s worth their time to stay open an extra day. So the V-day dinner at this place was either Saturday or Tuesday. It was enormous. There was an apéro (some sort of cauliflower/crevette mousse), an entrée (I got the foie gras, omg it was to die for), plat principal (veal with purée de pommes de terre and shiitake mushrooms in some sort of sweet sauce), and an assiette gourmande (each!) for dessert (strawberry sauce with whipped cream, passion fruit crumble, violette ice cream, and fondant au chocolat). We could barely move afterward.


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