Secret stage–>Mini change of plans

Every time I meet with my co-candidate for the CAFEP in Poitiers, she seems to tell me about something else I need to do and was unaware of! Last time, she suggested that I might have to do the training period in schools that all the M2 students are doing. This Friday afternoon, it was this formation at the IPEC in Tours that she told me about. As soon as I have a free business-hours minute, I am going to call the IPEC and the DDEC in Poitiers to make sure that THERE ARE NO MORE SECRET STAGES that I need to do to validate the concours! Anyway, I called up the IPEC in Tours at 4 pm Friday afternoon and they said there would be other sessions of this formation, but this morning I decided to just get it over with during a week when I know I’m free. I’d hate for the next sessions to fall during a work week, or when I have friends visiting.

Once this whole concours year is done though, I am seriously going to write a mini-guide for foreigners about this stuff. It is ridic.

So anyway, I’m headed to Tours three days this week. I decided to take the train in and out all three days because I’d much rather be here at home at the end of the day and it’s only a one-hour trajet. It’s still costing me 70 euros which is sort of a bummer. It means that I’ll have two days of vacation instead of five. I won’t see J. until Wednesday night because it’s impossible to sleep at the coloc and get up at 6 am. On the upside, I get to take the train, and will probably be able to get some studying done on the way there and back (yes, very small upside).

Also, it seems the stage that all the M2 students are doing is required for me. At least, that is what the DDEC is telling me. I remain unconvinced, but as long as it’s legal (does my titre de séjour allow me to do a paid stage on top of my job?), I think it could be a good experience, even if it’s unpaid (though of course if it were paid that would be ahem, extremely motivating).

When I arrived at my job last year in 2009, my predecessor had left me a sticky note on the computer that said, “Il ne faut pas se prendre le chou.” Wise words, but not so much necessary for my easy-going job. More for this confusing, confusing private concours.


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