Ahh, the enseignement catholique

It’s liking walking into a little slice of America. Everyone talks to each other, everyone assumes you’re a good person worth talking to, everyone wants to assure you take your place in the organization.

At least, that’s the way it feels here in Centre/Poitou-Charentes. So many people have been incredibly welcoming and warm. I don’t know if it’s the same, of course, in the actual establishments, but it’s been a pleasure to mix with these people. I went to Tours for the required formation this week (see last post), and though at first I was irritated to lose most of my vacation at the last minute, it really wasn’t so bad. First of all, sitting in a classroom participating is not the same as standing in front of it teaching. I’d forgotten how different it is. So it wasn’t like working. Second of all, it was good to get a closer look at the organization and get to know other people in it, and feel less like I’m doing this all on my own. The formation was at the institute that offers the Masters specific to private schools, so most of the people in the training were actually studying at the institute. There some really lovely people there. On the other hand, I can’t say that the entire training was incredibly useful—partly because a lot of it was geared toward elementary schools, not secondary schools. The first day was very useful (a presentation on the history/nature of the contract between the EC and the state, explanation of the specific nature of the mission of a private school, etc.), but the other two days I can’t say that the information or skills are something that I’ll really use.

In any case, I got to wander around Tours a little, see the Place Plumereau again, and eat lunch with my boss. Now I have today and tomorrow off from work, and my current project is to find out if I have the right to do a stage on top of my legally authorized job. Anyone know anything about that? I’ve e-mailed the prefecture as advised by the accueil, so we’ll see if that gets me any info. I’m guessing that no one would care if it were an unpaid stage. But as far as I know it’s a paid stage, and I’d like to be paid like the other stagiaires, so I’d like to know officially if that’s possible or not.


2 thoughts on “Ahh, the enseignement catholique

  1. L says:

    I know you aren’t allowed to work a second job while on paid vacation from a first job, and I think you’re not supposed to have contracts for too many hours (like 2 contracts for 25 hours each a week). But if you’re not working full time, you should be able to do a stage. Normally there are requirements they are paid, but public institutions can sometimes have exceptions. I would contact the DDTEFP in your region instead of the PrĂ©fecture too. You might also try contacting an assistant social since their job is helping people with work/social problems.

    • Thanks for the advice. I contacted the DDTEFP this afternoon and the woman was awfully confused about the word “stage”. We’ll see if I can get her more information. I think it would technically be a short-term work contract. And technically I am a full-time worker, but as a teacher I only have class certain days per week. So my hours aren’t 35/week but rather a certain number of classes per year.

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