It seems things are finally starting to take shape for the next few months.

1) The stage: I went to the portes ouvertes at the school I’ll be doing my stage at, and managed to meet the prof who would be working with me. All went extremely well and for the moment is very motivating—I’m really hoping we can get the admin worked out! I’ll be talking to the admin person at work tomorrow to see what she thinks.

2) Plan B: I contacted the people at the Masters MEF in Poitiers for my just-in-case plan (as in, if I don’t get the CAFEP CAPES this year) and after explaining my situation, everything seems very promising in terms of potentially being let into the M2 next year (if needed, obvs, let’s cross our fingers that it’s not).

3) Visits! Visits! Visits! My brother and his girlfriend have decided to come to France in early June! I’ve been pestering him for, um, four years to come see me? Am v. excited. J is going to be in the south of France (specifically, the Gorges du Verdon) during that time so I’ve suggested we go meet up with him down there. Potential for a v. good trip. Bro says he will try to freshen up his rusty French. My parents will be in the same area of France a couple of weeks after that, which is unfortunately during the CAPES orals in Lille, which I haven’t yet gotten my convocation for. But I’m hopeful that J and I will be able to go down and join them at some point during their trip, which will pass through Avignon and Lyon.

4) Finally got some devoirs sent off to the CNED for the orals. I got one grade back within a week—with a 15/20 for my English! lol. The comments were very helpful though so I’m just going to take the grades with a grain of salt. Since it’s the orals they’re all recordings, and I only double check that they stop and start in the right place before sending them off since I can’t stand listening to myself in either French or English.


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