Just an update

No cohesive thoughts to be had here.

The stage is taking shape and I’ll be working with a teacher in a lycée, with all three years (seconde through terminale) and a couple of Européenne groups. It’s supposed to be a really good school so I’m looking forward to it. I only have positive things to say about it so far and I’ll probably keep the commentary to a minimum as I try to always do with my work, but more so now that it’s with teenagers!

Only one week until vacation! I can’t wait! I’ll be able to spend allll dayyy studying! No seriously, I feel a bit behind on this CAPES stuff. I’ve just now sent off my second homework for one of the épreuves and I’d like to use the vacation to get a good handle on things, especially since so much will be happening in the weeks that follow:

Vacation/Heavy CAPES studying: April 16-May 1
Visit from Anna: April 30-May 7. Includes a trip through Bordeaux and down to Toulouse.
Stage: May 9-30 (taking the TCF in Tours on the 23rd, and working my actual job the 25th and the 27th)
Visit from Frère and Belle-soeur: May 31-? (still awaiting schedule confirmation from Frère). This will probably mostly consist of a trip to the South: the Verdon, Aix, Nice…
Heavy CAPES studying: June 6th-18th? We still don’t have our convocations for the CAPES orals.
Visit with my parents: Sometime between June 18th and 29th, but this all depends on the convocation. Hopefully J and I will be able to go down to spend a weekend with them in Avignon. Actually what would be perfect would be for me to be convoquéed June 18th-20th, because then I could spend the entire rest of their time in France with them (it’s for a conference, so they can’t change their dates) without worrying at all about the CAPES! … If wishes were fishes…
CAPES Orals: Sometime between June 18th and July 3rd. In Lille.
M2 application deadline: June 30th
CAPES results: July 11th (in theory)
Rest of summer: Glandouille/Stress about titre de séjour & organization for next year


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