Puppies and stuff

Laurel sent me this link to a live video stream of Shiba Inu puppies. They. are. ridiculous. Go take a look. It’ll brighten up your day.

In other news, I got my dates for the CAPES orals: meeting July 1st, tests July 2nd and 3rd. So, I’m on the last three days of the test. Results are supposed to come out on the 5th.

That meant that I could finally start planning my trip in June to see my parents in the south. It also kicked my butt into gear for my trip to practically the same place with Frère and Belle-sœur the first week of June. So! I’m going to be in the Verdon/Aix-en-Provence the first week of June, and in the Verdon (different town)/Avignon the fourth week of June. J will join me and my parents in Avignon for the second half of that second trip. A few days later I’ll truck it up to Lille to do the CAPES orals.


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