Almost off

Tomorrow I leave for Trip 1 of 2 with the family in the Verdon. I’ll be going to bed early tonight, getting up at 5:45 tomorrow to catch three trains and a bus, and ending the day with my brother, his girlfriend, and J in La Palud-sur-Verdon. I’m meeting up with Frère and Belle-sœur in the Aix-en-Provence TGV station with an hour to get to the Gare Routière, buy tickets, and board the bus, so I’m hoping nothing is delayed! Please don’t fail me SNCF!

It is, unfortunately, supposed to rain. I hope that means occasional rain and not storms. I may have to buy a raincoat.

I’ll be back Monday night after spending the weekend in Aix with Frère and Belle-sœur. Then Tuesday I’ll get up bright and early and go do oral exams alllll day long.

In red tape news, I got a response from the woman at the Rectorat who says if I pass the CAFEP, the Rectorat would provide me/the prefecture with a copy of my contrat provisoire. So I’ve contacted the DIRECCTE in Poitiers to see if I can get a carte de séjour salariée with that, or what.

My upstairs elephant-footed neighbor is gone for good (she’s been gone for a while, subletting I believe)—the apartment is for sale.


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