Well I went to the DIRECCTE de la Vienne this morning (which is the new DDTEFP—just when I really get one acronym down, they go and change it) and it was nothing like the prefecture. Though I have only worked with friendly people at the prefecture, the whole situation is still stressful: bring all the papers you need, sit and wait for your number, stand in front of the guichet with very little eye contact as the person sorts through all of your documents and forgets the answers you give to their questions as soon as you give them, etc. Here, I walked into a massive building, asked the man at the acceuil where to go, and was very politely told where the salle d’attente for the service étrangers was. After waiting my turn, one of the responsables came to get me and took me to an office where two women listened to my question and tried to figure out what I should do. They were very friendly and very low-key.

It looks like it’s pretty simple: print off the CERFA form (available on the website of the Ministry of Immigration), fill it out with some help from the Rectorat, make an appointment at the prefecture for when I (hopefully) have my contract (early August, I’m guessing), drop off the entire dossier. The prefecture looks at it, sends it to the DIRECCTE, and then, I imagine, contacts me to let me know the answer. All of this, of course, won’t start to happen till the end of July/beginning of August, so hopefully it won’t be too delayed.

Technically this is all for my stage year, though the stage is now full-time. So it would just be a one-year contract for the moment, and I’d still have to apply for authorization next spring with the Rectorat when their commission meets to approve the hiring of foreigners.

That’s enough of that! I had such a pretty post below and now I’m ruining it with an admin post. Boo!


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