A mini-update

I’m taking a break from catching up on So You Think You Can Dance (my guilty pleasure) to update on a couple of things. Not much is going on right now. I’m mostly trying to stay calm mentally about the CAPES and read up on or review things for about an hour a day. I was working on the “Agir en fonctionnaire de l’état” épreuve for a while, I did a few practice subjects, but I feel like I get it now, so I’m just studying flashcards and outlines. I don’t think any new information can go into my brain, so there’s no point stressing about it.

The open positions for the académie will be posted Monday of next week, so I have some paperwork to take care of for that. If this process works out the way I’m hoping, I’ll try to write about it in more detail once it’s done, but for the moment I think I should keep it a bit under wraps.

I was back at the school I did my stage at today for the interview for the Accord Collégial. I don’t understand why there were two interviews for us (the pré-accord last summer, the accord this summer), since multiple sources (internet, person) had explained that you only do an interview for the pré-accord, which, if you follow all the right steps, is transformed by the committee into the accord after you’re admissible. But apparently our académie did it differently, or I’m not really sure what, so I had another interview this morning. I felt much better prepared this time to answer their questions and it was a fairly pleasant experience.

In terms of Plan B, I got a letter this morning saying my application for the M2 here has gotten an “avis favorable,” but they gave me an interview time that’s during my trip to the south, so, I’m hoping we can set something else up.

J-15 till my CAPES oral! (Counting from the first day I have an actual épreuve to pass, July 2nd) I’ll go down south to meet up with my parents on Monday and I’ll fly back with J the following Monday.


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