The Verdon and Provence Round 2

Well, I’m back from a wonderful week with my parents in the south and a little sad about it. But Poitiers is beautiful, if hot, right now, so I’ll try to cheer myself up by posting some pictures of our trip.

We started in Gréoux-les-Bains, where my dad had a conference. So we stayed in a resort hotel/chateau outside of town. Gréoux-les-Bains is a town of retirees so it’s not awfully exciting. But we did do a few interesting things.

Gréoux-les-Bains is known for its thermal baths, so we went to the spa for one afternoon of jet pools and clay baths.

It was pretty cool.

Then one afternoon the scientists all had a break from presentations and we were all taken to a vineyard in the Pierrevert appellation (no pictures of that, sorry) and to a lavendar farm.

The farm shop

Fields of lavendar/lavendin

Hard to resist taking millions of pictures

On Friday, I left the conference early to meet up with J in Marseille. He had flown in on Ryanair the night before. So we went to the souk:


We bought some of these.


Savon de Marseille

We also went up to the church on the hill and walked past the old port before meeting up with my parents who drove us to Avignon, which served as our base for the weekend.

Saturday morning first thing we went to the Abbaye de Sénanque near Gordes:

More lavendar

Look, something that can be climbed

Afterward we went to Les-Baux-de-Provence and then back up to the Vacqueyras area to taste wine. It was frustrating for me and Julien because we knew we were flying Ryanair back and we couldn’t take any liquids of more than 100 mL! My parents walked away with a couple of bottles of good wine though.

Stop #2, I think

I took a ton more pictures but I’ll just put up a quick few to sum up the rest of the trip.

We saw the ancient Roman bridge/viaduct, the Pont du Gard:

From down below along the water

the ancient Roman theater at Orange:

From the stage

and the ancient Roman amphitheater in Arles:

From the outside

We spent yesterday in Nimes, which felt very different, much less touristy, than Arles, but because the amphitheater is so much like the one in Arles, I won’t post a picture of it. We said goodbye to my parents yesterday in Nimes in front of the train station to catch a train to the Marseille airport, a plane to Tours, and to drive back to Poitiers. I had a wonderful time and as always, it makes me wish home weren’t quite so far away.

In two days I go up to Lille for the CAPES. I’m feeling pretty zen about it, probably because I’ve been barely thinking about it.


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