J’ai eu le CAFEP CAPES! I slept in till 10:30 because at the meeting Friday afternoon the president of the jury had promised us that the results wouldn’t come out before this afternoon. Finally, as a result of getting up early all weekend, I couldn’t stay in bed any longer and turned on the light and checked my e-mail (thank you iPhone). The results came out at 10:01 this morning, and I was on the list!

For the private concours, we didn’t get ranked as they do in the public concours. But here’s what I can tell you:

1) Out of 100 “contracts” available (they don’t actually call them “posts” in the private system), only 79 people were accepted. There were 136 people who had passed the written exams and thus went presumably to the orals (by which I mean that there are typically a few people who don’t show, as well as some who abandon after the first day).

2) I checked my “notes” just now and apparently I killed on the first half of the test on Saturday, with an 8.63 out of 10. This was the one with the scary anglophones who asked me endless questions and didn’t seem happy with my answers. Just goes to show you can’t tell what they think of you by their reactions. The other épreuves went well too: 4.25/10 for the pedagogical bit (yes I know it feels weird to say that less than 50% is good, but I guess it is), giving 12.88/20 for the first day. Then 11.90/14 and 4/6 for the politics dossier and the “agir en fonctionnaire de l’état” ethics bit, respectively, giving 15.9/20 for the second day. I can’t figure out all the math to guess what the passing score was, but I feel pretty good about how I did!

3) I also finally got my scores for the written exam:

  1. For the commentaire on Thoreau: 10.5/20
  2. For the version/theme/choix de traduction: 8.53/20

To put things in perspective, working on version and the choix de traduction made me cry last summer. When I started out working on this stuff in Avignon last July, I really had absolutely now idea how I would manage to pass the written exams, much less the orals. I worked my butt off as much as I could, took time off to relax, didn’t let my job suffer, followed the forums at the CNED and at, and sent in every single homework assignment we got to the CNED.

I’ve never worked so hard on something I was so unsure of getting! I do feel like I’ve learned an awful lot that will help me be a better English teacher, about British culture, history, politics, English grammar, the French education system, to mention a few. And I’ve had an incredible cultural experience as well, which of course is not about to end.

Many of our friends are gone for the summer and my anglophone friends are gone for the month (until Dan comes back Friday) so I’m celebrating with J and our friend B tonight with dinner at the Palais de la bière in Poitiers. I bought a bottle of Mumm to drink at the house afterward (I still love high quality champagne ever since living in Reims). I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of something in my life! There’s still the titre de séjour to stress about, and the question of whether I will get the position I want at the school I like in Poitiers (complicated to explain), but that’s all just “paperasse” (red tape) and I choose not to dwell on it but rather to revel in the feeling of success.

Since I’m at loose ends pretty much this summer except for the occasional bureaucratic mess to deal with, I hope to write up a mini-guide to the CAFEP CAPES for foreigners. I hope to find some other word for it than “guide,” since it will in no way account for many other possible paths to the CAFEP, most notably the M2. But I’ll “publish” it on this blog and put a link to it on the assistantsinfrance forums, and hopefully it won’t take me too horrendously long to do!

On a side note, J’s sister also got her CAPEPS (sports exam), as well as two other of our friends who passed different concours d’enseignement, so it’s been only good news this week.

8 thoughts on “Admise!

  1. Shannon says:

    Good job on the scores! And congrats again! My fingers will be crossed for your CDS and the job at the school. And it would be interesting to read a “guide” to the CAFEP.

  2. Laurel says:

    wtf is this WordPress? Why did you choose to log me in under my secret defunct blog name?? That was me, Laurel.

    • Lol
      I had to approve it since it was a login that had never commented before. Thanks for all the comments! I’m super happy! I’ll try to call soon laurel, let me know when would be a good time (I won’t be around this weekend).

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