Good news again: I’ve been assigned to Poitiers!

I’ve been keeping this process a little bit buttoned-up for the past month and a half, so here’s how it happened:

I did a 3-week stage in May that turned out, after weeks of worrying about getting it organized to work with my work schedule, to be a great experience. My tutor was great, the students were great, and the school itself was lovely. It’s the only lycée général in the city, and I sort of just assumed there wouldn’t be any positions open for next year—that would be too lucky, right? Plus I didn’t want to bother anyone since they were being so nice to me already (no one actually had to accept to have me there—my tutor more or less volunteered).

The last day of my stage, my tutor was driving me in to school and said that they might have a position open in the English department next year, and that the lycée director had talked to him about it and said wouldn’t it be great if we could scoop up our stagiaire. I was almost too happy to believe my ears, and when I went in for my exit interview that day, the director told me about the procedure for suppléants to apply for open positions, and that I could apply as an admissible/not-yet-lauréat of the concours, and she showed me what I should do. I had to wait till a certain date for the position to be published officially online, and that morning (before getting on the train to go see my parents down south), I sent off my application file.

I found out yesterday that I got the spot! I’ll have the same tutor and the same director, though I’ll be doing six of my eighteen hours in the collège with two classes of 3ème (9th grade).

I feel really lucky that this worked out this way—if the diocese hadn’t asked me to do my stage, if I hadn’t had a job that allowed it, I could well have been sent over an hour from Poitiers and would have had to move out of Poitiers. As it is, J and I started looking at apartment ads yesterday and will be visiting some next week. I’ll say goodbye to my little T2 35 m2 avec poutres apparentes (exposed beams) about a month from now. It’s a beautiful apartment, with the best landlords I’ve ever had, and I wish I could hand it off to one of my friends looking for a place for next year, but as it’s not furnished, it’s not really practical for them. J and I are hoping to find a T3 or T4 not in the center (money, noise, parking—he has a car for work), so I probably will still need to buy a car in the coming months.

I think I’ll be drowning in work this fall but I’m excited to start and I feel really blessed for the moment. Here’s hoping the carte de séjour process goes smoothly!

(Totally unrelated: Because my wordpress theme has a pretty cool iPad mobile version, I’ve been trying to include more images in each post.)


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