There’s nothing much to say about the titre de séjour process so far, but I thought I’d give a little update anyway.

I’m hoping that the normal salarié process will work since that’s what the women at the DIRECCTE told me when I visited them.

The only hiccup in the plan is that the Rectorat doesn’t actually give out work contracts until “prise de fonction.” So my hope is that something in the form of my signed affectation will work.

I’m also hoping the OFII taxes won’t cause a problem.

In any case, I’m going in to see the woman at the Rectorat on Monday morning (it seems she’s not in this week) to fill out the cerfa form and OFII tax annexe, and will probably go straight to the walk-in hours at the DIRECCTE that afternoon in order to make sure everything looks good, if we manage to fill in all the papers, and to ask questions, if we need a few more days.

It turns out the Rectorat closes on the 25th of July and re-opens August 16th, so hopefully we can get this all worked out next week. I’m feeling optimistic even though I really hate this stuff. I had a pessimistic weekend, imagining catastrophe scenarios, but I think I’ve successfully chased those from my mind.

Next year I hope to have a carte vie privée in hand and avoid this mess entirely. I can’t wait.

I did however officially get my affectation papers and sign them saying that I’ve accepted the position.


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