Papers collected!

This morning I went to the Rectorat for the second time this week to pick up my papers for my titre de séjour: cerfa form, OFII form, and contract all ready! The Rectorat, interestingly, does not have a bank account so that part of the OFII form is blank. I choose to let the government agencies figure that one out among themselves. But the woman in charge of me at the Rectorat was very competent and perfectly friendly. My appointment for my titre de séjour is August 2nd and I am super happy that this bit of the CAPES process has, it seems, worked out. I’ll probably post once I get my récépissé and, if all goes smoothly, complete the section in my mini-guide.

Phew!! Now it’s on to finding an apartment! J and I are looking for a T3 or T4 (2 or 3 bedroom), with the possibility of parking three cars, which sort of limits us. Yesterday we looked at a really nice little house a fifteen-minute drive from town. I’m not sure I’m ready for that distance yet. We’re looking at more tonight, and once we find a place, I have to start looking for a car! Eek!


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