For the long Bastille Day weekend J and I decided to be extra patriotic and went to Spain.

Actually, that’s not exactly how it happened—one of J’s favorite rock-climbing sites is at Rodellar, in northern Spain, and he asked me to go with him to belay for him.

The drive took 7 and a half hours there Wednesday night and over 8 hours back on Sunday afternoon. His rockclimbing club happened to be ending a two-week training course for the teenagers in the club in Rodellar, so we set up our tent next to them and benefited from their food, canyoning expertise, and company.

Thursday morning we got up and went canyoneering with part of the group. I’d never been canyoning before, and to be honest didn’t really understand what it meant. But it was an easy trip, with no jumps required though plenty if you wanted to. I don’t have any pictures of it because there was no way to take a camera without special plastic protection.

The rest of the trip I followed J around the canyon belaying or just watching.

My view for much of the trip

Another more exhausting view

This was about twenty minutes before I said stop, put me on solid ground where I can walk for more than two steps at a time!

J strolling up a 7b (European grading system)

J starting to work on a 7c+


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