Getting organized

J and I found a new place to live last night. Over the course of the past couple weeks we realized we didn’t really want an apartment, and that we wanted a garden. I accepted that that meant living only within driving distance of Poitiers, which is not really such a big deal since I’m buying a car very soon anyway.

So last night we visited a place a ten-minute drive from my work out in a tiny town past the Poitiers airport, on the edge of sunflower fields. If I wanted to, I could walk to the bakery in about ten minutes, and a bar tabac in five. The house itself is split in two, and the part we’re renting is the bigger part, split on two floors. The first (American) floor has the living room/kitchen, which is actually sort of small. On the second floor, there are two huuuuge bedrooms, so we plan to turn one of the bedrooms into a living room/office. Otherwise there is a huuuuuge attic and a huuuuge cellar and a very decent-sized garden, where we hope to plant tomatoes and herbs and maybe some strawberries. We’ll want to redo the wallpaper, which the landlord said he’d reimburse us for, and the floors were badly lino-ed which I didn’t like, but whatever, it’s all cosmetic!

The only problem is that the official move-in date is September 1st, so the current renters will let us know when we can move some stuff in. I’d really like to be mostly moved in by the time the rentrée happens, and the rentrée des profs is Sep 2nd. The current renters are waiting on their new house to be finished, though, so it all depends on when that happens.

I’ve been pretty busy the past few days looking for a new home, a new car, and getting paperwork ready for my prefecture visit next week. Sometimes I need to slow down and remind myself that this summer, this month even, has been huge. I took and passed the CAPES, I’m moving in with J, I’m buying my first car by myself (a sad thought goes out to the lovely car my parents bought me when I graduated from college and which I sold a year later), and I’m going to have a job that allows me to stay in France. I mean, seriously, ALL of my dreams seem to be coming true. Holy crap.


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