A quick note to say many apologies for the severe lack of posts. I’ve moved out of my little T2 in centre ville and as a result, as always, I’ve lost internet access for an undetermined interval (they’re telling us 8-10 days, let’s keep our fingers crossed).

The move went well though I did find it really stressful and things seem to only just now have calmed down. Thursday afternoon I got the keys and made a cake for J’s birthday (red velvet found on Milkjam’s blog). Friday evening we tore the papier peint (wall paper) off the walls of the bedroom. Saturday morning we painted a sous-couche (base layer) on the walls of said bedroom, and Saturday afternoon we painted real colors and put new paper on the walls. I promise to post pictures once I have internet back up. Over the course of several afternoons this week the living rooms walls seem to be coming together, mostly thanks to J, because I have no motivation at all to mess with wallpaper glue upon coming home from work. In fact, when I do try to help, I often get bickered at or sometimes radiators happen to fall on my toes. (That clearly only happened once, but it was VERY. PAINFUL.)

I’ve spent all week doing various EC-training and pre-rentrée-related things. Yesterday I woke up and heard on the radio about all the new teacher trainees who were starting their pre-rentrée yesterday, getting ready to teach with no experience, and I thought, hey, they’re talking about me! Except I actually, obviously, do have some experience. Let’s hope it comes in handy when I get up in front of the kids Tuesday at 8 am.

Anyway there’s lots of work to do and very little internet to be had. I’m at Quick and have to head home now. Don’t know when the next post will be but hopefully it will be a little more cohesive.


3 thoughts on “Apologies!

  1. SarahZ says:

    Good luck! I’ll be interested to see how you like it compared to uni teaching (what I think I’d rather do, but have never had experience in).

  2. Thanks Sarah! I’m technically in both lycée and collège but it’s a school that groups together a lycée pro, collège, and lycée général, so it’s all on the same campus. I have 3e, 2e, and 1e.

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