The New House

J got the text message Saturday morning that our internet was up and running and we plugged in the box that afternoon. So, here are, finally, some pictures of our new home!

When we decided to rent the place, we asked if we could redo the wallpaper. The landlord said yes and also that he would reimburse us. Which is good, because it was awful:

The living room walls before being redone

Both upstairs rooms were papered like this.

Closer up

So even before moving any furniture, we took the paper off the walls (no easy task because there was no base layer of paint under the paper) and redid the bedroom.

Painting the base layer (J's family helped)

We did one wall of purple wallpaper, one wall of pink paint (J suggested pink, not me!), and one wall of beige/yellow-ish paint.


Side 2

Side 3

The next day, with the help of J’s family and a few of my friends, we moved in all the furniture. But we still had the living room wallpaper to redo.

Making good progress

But there was still lots more to do

Doing something technical, probably

At some point J started to put the furniture in place.

Coming together (I craftily didn't include the work still to be done in this photo)

Still working (that last stripe of orange was actually necessary in order to not run out of cream-colored paper)


It’s such a nice living room. I’m not really into bold colors on walls so it took just a little convincing for me to buy into the orange/red/cream scheme (the cream being the color I chose).

So, here’s a virtual tour of the house:

I took these pictures in sort of a weird order so the tour will happen in a weird order.

The driveway is behind the house and leads to our car shelter and our yard.

The driveway

The car shelter

Walking toward the front

The stairs leading up to the house

The part of the garden we will probably use first

Our garden from the stairs

Yes, the garden is GIGANTIC. If we want, we can use it all the way to the trees. We will never do that. The big creepy circle is where the previous renters had a swimming pool.

The house from the garden stairs

The garden/yard situation is a bit odd. The garden directly in front of the house is the neighbor’s. Our garden is down the stairs.

The house from the neighbor's garden

Looking back at the stairs (past that little door) from the front door

Across from the stairs, the gate that leads to the street

The front door to the house leads to a tiny entry-way, which then opens onto the two apartments. Ours is on the right (more like not on the left). The plant and the shoe cabinet are the neighbor’s; we still need to get something to go in the entry-way.

Our front door

Looking back out the front door

Walking into our apartment leads directly to another little entryway, with the stairs straight ahead and the kitchen on the right.

The kitchen/dining room

Behind the bar

The stairs lead up to the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. I took all these pictures in the wrong order so you’ll see going down the stairs instead of up.

The front door

Up up up

At the top of the stairs, directly across, is the bathroom.

Brand new shower

A new little meuble

On the left coming up the stairs

My workspace

On the right from the stairs

Our pretty living room (furniture arrangement all J's)

There’s also a door to the attic at the top of the stairs. The attic is huge but also hugely unfinished.


We also have an enormous cellar where all the sports equipment is living.

The house has been great so far. It’s great to get out of town and to wake up to dew on the grass. J has been super useful and since we didn’t have internet till this weekend, he keeps finding all sorts of projects, such as, he built me an extension cord for my desk. There are still lots of little things to get for the house but it’s definitely come together.


3 thoughts on “The New House

  1. It looks great!! I really like the colors you chose. I was unsure of bold colors, but for some reason, I convinced my mom to let me paint our living room back home with a bold color (with lighter paint on the interior walls), and it came out looking really nice. It seems like you have a lot of space and a great yard. Perfect for hosting summer parties!

  2. Shannon: Thanks! Yes, the new wallpaper made a huge difference!

    Laurel:Maybe 1940s? Which is when my parents’ house is from, but theirs has been nicely renovated.

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