Link Changes

I’ve added some new blogs to my link list:

– My longtime friend Malavika has gone back to sporadic, interesting posting at A Certain Relish for Confusion. Mala and I have been friends since we were 15, she went to Morocco with me when we were 24, and she writes excellent rants from a liberal Texan point of view (among other things of course).

– I’ve taken to reading a newly arrived assistant’s blog at Et Donc Voilà. Her most recent post about arriving in France reminds me so very much of this post that I wrote myself about my arrival in France five years ago.

– I also immensely enjoy A Mother in France, especially now that I see kids every day.

Tales from a Chambre de Bonne is a fun read, and, I mean, the premise isn’t bad either—there’s no experience like being dumped in France.

– I’ve also taken to checking in on Gwannel Sandiego in Tours.

Thanks to everyone for having super interesting blogs—I hope you approve of the link.

Otherwise, I thought for a little bit about what to do about Au Soleil Levant in my link list. I so enjoyed Mira’s blog and her comments on mine. I’m still incredulous of the news from last week. I’ve been flipping through her blog recently and missing her funny, observant voice. I always hoped she would make it back to France or get to accomplish the other dreams she had. So for all of those reasons, and because it’s such an awfully interesting read, I’m not going to take down her link. Miss you, Mira.


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