Formation des professeurs-stagiaires dans le privé

Stagiaire training

I just got back from a two-day training in Tours for the professeurs-stagiaires in the two académies (Orléans-Tours and Poitiers). The general attitude in the room was:


But that’s okay. We’ll get through it. I have a long list of things to get done this week, on top of going back to the prefecture (was just there yesterday for my récépissé) to change the address on my carte grise, and going to the embassy in Paris for my certificat de coutume. And getting my birth certificate translated.

To do:

3e (9th grade):

  1. 4 students’ exercises to correct
  2. end of unit to fix up and plan
  3. make-up test to write for two students
  4. next unit to start planning
2e (10th grade):
  1. new reading unit to plan
  2. 44 student letters to correct
  3. lesson on letters to write because apparently they don’t know how to write a letter (Edit: Turns out they did this pretty well)
1e (11th grade):
  1. a few papers to correct
  2. current unit to replan and evaluations to plan out
  3. upcoming unit to plan

4 thoughts on “Formation des professeurs-stagiaires dans le privé

  1. Hey, not sure you’ll see this right away, but I’m planning on visiting Poitiers for the day tomorrow, any insider tips on what I should see? (They actually don’t have to be very insider since I know nothing about Poitiers, just taking my shiny new 12-30 card out for a ride.) Cheers 🙂

  2. oo! The Eglise de Notre Dame la Grande is one of the most special things about Poitiers, and it’s square in the middle of town. The Cathédrale St Pierre isn’t as special so unless you really want to see it you could skip it. The tourist office gives good maps but otherwise there are three painted stripes on the ground that leave from there: blue, red, and yellow, and if you choose one and follow it they’ll send you on different paths to see what there is to see. I don’t remember exactly what each one does… if you have time to fill the Parc Blossac is a good place for a walk. Have fun!

    • Cool, thanks for that Eileen. I was pretty much planning to just wander around anyway, so glad to know I can follow a mystery path to do it 🙂

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