A Magic Box

I’m so excited, I ordered a portable boombox on ebay last week and it came in the mail today!


It’s soooo light! I bought it on ebay.fr so I wasn’t able to pick it up and test it but it’s wonderful. The magnétos at the school were posing me a few problems:

  1. I have to pick them up at the vie scolaire office in between classes. “In between classes” at my school doesn’t really exist. There’s no bell and no passing period. And I work in two different hallways, with the vie scolaire on a different floor. Needless to say, picking up a magnéto or putting it back in time to get to class was pretty much impossible, and if I needed it first and third hour, I couldn’t just hold onto it (I mean, I could, but not in good faith).
  2. Not all of them work reliably. In fact, only of them will read a copied CD (and we copy the CDs that go with our textbooks so that we don’t scratch up the originals).
  3. The one that does everything well is INCREDIBLY HEAVY. I swear I would eventually have hurt myself or someone else one day lugging that thing through the hallways. The students see you carrying something really heavy and it doesn’t occur to them to get out of the way.
  4. The incredibly heavy magnéto was also the only one that could hook into a computer to play sound. (Although this week two sets of computer speakers seem to have magically appeared in the vie scolaire office. Oh well.)
  5. Sometimes, the vie scolaire is closed, and you simply can’t get the magnéto or put it back in its spot.

I’m SO EXCITED about it. It reads cassettes (because when you’re a teacher your technology spans three decades), CDs, programs CDs, and has a line in for mp3 players/computers.


What do you think?

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