Fun, peace, love, happy, cool

I love Quick. I never much liked fastfood burger type places in the States, but somehow I got hooked on Quick in France. Ju and I used to go about once a month. Then, this summer, this happened:

Quick promo from August

A promotion where you got a cup with your meal. There were five to collect. I figured it would be some crummy plastic thing that I’d just throw out afterward. But then I went to Quick and it turned out that they were actual glasses, and some of the biggest I’ve seen in France. Seriously, the French drink their water in the smallest quantities possible, and I miss big glasses. I feel like the entire country must be dehydrated or else they have somehow trained their bodies not to be thirsty.

Here was the result:

Fun, peace, love, happy, cool

The glass changed every week, and I actually missed week three, Love, because, well, it was sort of gross eating at Quick every week. Once I went with Ju so we had two Peace glasses. But I was sad because Love was clearly the best one, right? Last week I exchanged my extra Peace glass for the Love glass with a friend, and finally I have the whole collection.

Totally ridiculous. I can’t believe this promotion actually worked so well on me. Yet we drink out of the glasses all the time. They’re our best glasses and I especially like the Happy one because when Ju dropped the radiator on my foot back during the wallpapering period of our lives, and I was sitting on the couch whimpering asking for an alcoholic drink, he brought it to me in the Happy glass and said, “happy?”


4 thoughts on “Fun, peace, love, happy, cool

  1. “I feel like the entire country must be dehydrated or else they have somehow trained their bodies not to be thirsty.”

    For serious. Maybe wine is less dehydrating than it’s supposed to be? Or they cook with less salt and preservatives so less dehydrated to begin with.

  2. Gwan says:

    I think it must be linked to how they are always in a billion layers and yet never sweaty. Even at the gym (although that might just be because half the girls at my gym just pedal super slowly on the bikes while staring off into space).

  3. It’s especially bad at the cantine at school! I think water-drinking is different here though, including ice cubes. Maybe because they’re used to drinking wine with their meals.

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