Lost My Voice

It means loss of voice in French. Learn something new every day!

Ca y est, I’ve encountered my first occupational health hazard. About ten days ago I had a not very bad sore throat that I pretty much just ignored besides inaugurating our new discount coffret of tea (whose box promised flavors that are not actually inside—think we figured out why it was discounted).

Thursday morning I went in and my very first class I realized I was losing my voice. I had five classes and a conseil de classe that evening that lasted almost 3 hours.

I woke up Friday for our journée pédagogique (in-service day) with no voice at all. I whispered all day. I bought some homeopathy pills at a pharmacy and hoped for the best.

The next day I woke up and could speak but only at high volumes. This continued the entire weekend and was honestly a little weird in public places.

Monday I decided to go to school despite the weak voice. I had heard of other teachers doing classes “aphone”, so I decided to try it. I put all of my classes on Powerpoint so that a student could read the directions instead of me. This worked for five out of six classes.

Tuesday I went to work again, did my 8:15 class without Powerpoint, and quickly realized that the no-voice thing was not working and was actually just really exhausting. I finished my classes, but for my final activity period, I was back to whispering.

Yesterday was my work day at home, so I finally went to the doctor and got two days off. After about ten days of being sort of sick, I’m finally on arrêt maladie for two days. The voice is not quite back yet.

Lesson learned: do not try, out of stagiaire-earnestness, to teach without a voice.


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