Well, Juju and I got pacsed this morning. He got back late last night, or rather, early this morning from his week in Picardie + weekend at a rock-climbing competition halfway across the country. Then we got up at 8 this morning to get to the tribunal ten minutes late and wander around looking for the right room for another ten minutes. It was a lot of fun. The woman didn’t even ask for my special foreigner papers, so I had to mention them at the end to make sure she took them.

To celebrate, tonight we went to the Cafe Populaire in Poitiers.

In other news, I played a few songs with this band Saturday night at the Pilori in Poitiers, and plan to get caught up on the rest of their songs so I can play more!


5 thoughts on “PACSed!

  1. Congrats! Was it in like, the smallest room possible? Ours was. I know it’s technically just a legal thing and you don’t need witnesses, but I mean, they could at least do it in a prettier room, especially for the people who don’t have the option of marrying.

  2. So I am working on this process now … got a fun PACs prep story or did it go smoothly for you? My biggest problem is that we don’t live together during the week … since we work in different cities. And I don’t want them to question that 😦

    I hear conflicting stories of ease and difficulty. Just curious if you had anything to add from an American Expat perspective. Thanks!

    • Nope the PACS went really smoothly. I don’t even remember how we proved residence at the same address… but really they asked almost no questions and the woman would have forgotten to take my extra papers (certificat de coutûme…) if I hadn’t mentioned it.

      • It’s true, this post was a while ago 🙂

        I am probably getting worked up about nothing right now. But I have decided it’s always better to be safe (worried!) than sorry in France since they’ll generally ask for 10 things you didn’t know you should have (and photo copies of those unknown things as well 😉 ).


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