Another New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Vacation ends tonight. I did everything ahead of time (well, I finished on Friday…) so that I would have the weekend of the réveillon stress-free. Ju got back from Spain in the wee hours of the morning Saturday, and we took off with some friends of ours before noon that day for Fontainebleau, southeast of Paris. J and his friends go there typically to rock-climb (boulder climbing) but this time was to celebrate the New Year and the housewarming party of two friends. I was a little disappointed to have a cold but I made the most of it. I’ve already started the voice-saving homeopathy pills in order to prevent what happened last time. The cartable is packed, my new USB drive included (thanks Mom), my lunch is made and ready in the fridge, and I have a new skirt to wear tomorrow.

Someone asked yesterday in the car ride home if 2011 had been a good year for each of us. In spite of the difficult job I’ve dived into head-first, I had to say yes, 2011 was a good year:

  1. I passed the CAPES (it already feels like ancient history).
  2. I moved in with J.
  3. I PACSed with J.

This post is a demonstration of two new words I’ve learned from being a professeur-stagiaire:

relativiser: Faire perdre à quelque chose son caractère absolu en le replaçant dans un ensemble, un contexte ( me, to have perspective about something.


positiver: Présenter, envisager quelque chose sous un angle positif, constructif ; faire preuve d’optimisme. ( Or, to think positive.


What do you think?

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