Work work workity work

The rentrée was pretty easy on me, I have to say. Tuesday is my “easiest” day (as in, the students behave) and classes started back up last Tuesday, when I was still a little bit sick from my cold, the main problem being my hearing. It only got worse and though I don’t teach on Wednesday, I had to go on sick leave Thursday. Friday I only have three hours of class and my tutor came to observe me, so, nothing but the presence of a second adult in the classroom and the kids were all calm.

This week it’s back to the grind. I kicked one kid out of class yesterday and sent a note home for another, who won’t be allowed into my class Thursday. This morning I got up, got dressed, and when it came to saying bonne journée to J (still in bed, the bastard only has to get to work at 9 or sometimes 9:30), I said, “Je veux changer de travail” (I want to change jobs). In spite of all the conversations we’ve had about my job the past few months (he’s a good listener about this stuff) he seemed genuinely surprised. Then I went and had my typical good Tuesday of classes and by the end of the day remembered how adorable most of the kids are, and thought, god dammit.

This Friday I’m driving all the way down past Angoulême to a place called La Couronne to learn how to use an interactive white board. Everyone says they’re pretty cool so I’m hoping it’ll be worth the drive, the early morning rise, and the fact that it’s preventing me from going to Rennes with J for the weekend.

In good news, I get to go to London in March with the 1e européennes (including many of my students). My first voyage scolaire! I’m pretty excited about it.


4 thoughts on “Work work workity work

  1. I’ve had this type of conversation quite a few times this year. In October, my tutrice was wondering if I wasn’t going to resign over the Toussaint holidays.

    There are moments when I like my job. There are moments where I want to bang my head against a brick wall. Repeatedly. Probably more of the latter than the former.

    I figure it can only get better (as many days, I don’t see how it could really be worse).

  2. Yeah, I really don’t know what to think about it. I got home and he asked me how the day was, and I said good, and he said, “Ah, les jours s’enchaînent mais ils ne se ressemblent pas.” Every day I change my mind. I guess there’s not really any easy way out for the time being which is probably for the best. People are saying the hardest is over. I hope that’s true. I feel like I need a specialized teacher therapist!

  3. SarahZ says:

    Hi Eileen, just checking in after a long stint of not seeing your blog!
    Teaching middle/high school is really tough. It’s the discipline issues that are the hardest, but that is such a huge part of the job. I’m on leave this year and honestly don’t want to go back. But in my case, it was every single day that I didn’t want to teach, every single time I made the walk up the hill to school that I wanted to turn back. So if you have days where you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing and feel it is worthwhile, I think there is a real possibility it will get better for you. In any case you are definitely not alone in your struggles. Courage and I’m looking forward to how your experience continues to pan out!

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