A miscellaneous update

Organizing my blog posts into coherent “articles” as one calls them in French has just been too much effort lately so I’ll just give a little randomly organized update.

1) The snow came and melted. We had a cold front (around 15/20 degrees Fahrenheit) for about two weeks and one morning it took me an hour to get out of our sloping, snowy driveway. It gave me lots of extra time to grade and prepare classes but also required me to prepare three different units for my 2e who I won’t see again after the vacation. Why three different units? Because after the first snow I still thought we’d have three full weeks of class, then just 7 days of class, and finally we only had 5. So I have on three-week unit prepared, one 7-day unit prepared, and one 5-day unit that we actually did.

2) My good friend Alyson from UT came down to visit last weekend from Paris where she is au pairing this year. It was a great visit and I showed her around Poitiers. We ate at Les Bons Enfants, peeked into the Baptistère Saint Jean, and took in the view from the statue Notre Dame des Dunes (awesome virtual panorama in that link). She helped me choose my amazing new work bag (=suitcase).

3) Vacation started yesterday afternoon. Again, I should really say “vacation” because again, we have two days of training Monday and Tuesday. This time it’s at least in Poitiers. So real vacation starts Wednesday and I’m having trouble deciding when to start doing all the work I need to get done, because I’d really like to have plenty of time to relax too.

4) Wednesday, when training will be over, I’m going in for a soin visage and modelage du dos that I paid for a few weeks ago through Groupon. I’ll try to report back on whether it’s awesome or not (I imagine it will be).

I guess that’s all for now.


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