End of Vacation

Well, vacation’s over. I don’t have a whole lot to show for it, I didn’t go anywhere, but it was still wonderful. To avoid the last-Sunday-of-vacation dread, J and I went to the Futuroscope Sunday. Actually, avoiding dread wasn’t the goal, but it served that purpose well. The Futuroscope is having a one-month-long special for people who live in the département, cutting the price in half, and I’ve been wanting to take advantage of it because I hope to never pay full price to go to the Futuroscope (it’s 38 euros normally). So I asked my new friend Amy if she wanted to go, and I asked J, and we ended up going with Amy and her boyfriend. It was wonderful! We dragged ourselves out of bed at 9 in the morning (the alarm was set for 8:15…) and made up a picnic. We got to the park at 10 am and spent all day watching 3D and “4D” and “dynamic” shows with moving seats. We got to do a few things that Dan and Sarah and I didn’t do last August because of the lines, including dancing with the robots. Amy and I refused to do level 3 and so made the boys ride level 3 together while we did level 2. Level 2 had a sufficient amount of being turned upside down and swung around for me. I watched Les Monstres de la mer again, as well as the Little Prince show and Chocs Cosmiques, which is narrated in French by Lorant Deutsch and apparently by Robert Redford in English.

It was magical. The Futuroscope isn’t for everyone but I loved going and felt like a little kid looking at cool stuff all day long.

Last night we got back and ate Chinese and I started feeling the end-of-vacation blues sink in. I got all stressed out because I couldn’t find the sheet of paper with the address of the school in Angoulême where I had my training today. I called a friend who remembered, though she wasn’t actually going. And then I got up earlier than normal this morning to drive down there to learn about the approche actionnelle (definition in French), which, as far as I can tell, is more or less task-based learning put into practice. It was nice to interact with teachers who’ve been teaching for a while, rather than the stagiaires I see all the time, though they’re great, in a different way. And it was nice to interact with experienced teachers who are actually really using this method. Plus, I got practically a full unit for my 3e class out of it.

Tomorrow I return to the school, plus I have a conseil de classe in the evening. But there’s no training Wednesday, and most important of all, Thursday, after teaching my two morning classes, I fly to London with the premières!


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