I went to Nancy last weekend. It had been a while (14 months) and this time I went with J by car because he was going to the general meeting of the Fédération française de l’escalade et de la montagne (FFME). It was a six hour trip so we didn’t have tons of time there, but I spent all of Saturday with my assistant-year friend Laura and we ate with her, her boyfriend and Sarah (see my first futuroscope post) and her boyfriend. In short, three anglo-francophone couples. Laura and I wandered around Nancy during the day and I bought some new markers for our wine glasses:

Source: via Eileen on Pinterest

I get the biggest kick out of these guys. I lost the white one almost right away, and though we looked everywhere for it, I sort of despaired that it was gone. Then yesterday, in between two parent-teacher meetings, I found it in my purse and was absolutely thrilled.

In the evening, the FFME had an apéro in the Hotel de Ville so J and I stopped by and saw the inside of the building which is quite fancy and has a lovely view over the Place Stan.


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