King William Fair, San Antonio

Coming to San Antonio in April means spending at least some time at Fiesta, a festival that lasts ten days. In search of gifts for colleagues and friends back in France, my mom and I ventured to Mercado/Market Square where I managed to find gifts for everyone except, so far, Ju. Market Square was in full form with live music and street food.

But today we went for the real event, and headed over to the King William Fair, which takes place in the King William District in San Antonio, a historic neighborhood with incredible houses. To avoid the expensive parking fees and take advantage of the River Walk extension, we parked by the Pearl Brewery and took the river barge downtown.

The Museum Reach of the River Walk

The Museum Reach of the River Walk

The river boat (one of many)

Art along the Museum Reach

Passing through the lock

The King William Fair was made up of tons of food booths and art booths.

Food (I myself got roasted corn on the cob)

I also bought a string of glass chilis to hang up in our kitchen (though they’re supposed to go outside as a sort of wind-chime). But I couldn’t find any pictures of those and mine are all packaged up, so instead here’s a different example of the art sold at the fair:

They were all sold!

Mostly, though, it’s different artists who work with glass or pottery.


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