Sheep Town

There’s this place in the Deux Sèvres called Mouton Village. I first saw a sign for it when J and I drove out to the Deux Sèvres (the departement to the west of the Vienne) last fall to go to a restaurant and thought it sounded hilarious. He assured me that it was a real place and that he’d been there about five times with his grandparents when he was little.. Since then I’ve always wanted to go. This morning we meant to go to the Dune de Pyla, but when the alarm went off at 8:25 we couldn’t drag ourselves out of bed for the three-hour drive. So we ended up going to Mouton Village this afternoon. It’s awesome.

Welcome to Mouton Village

You pick up an audio headset when you buy your ticket in the boutique which is also filled with many adorable stuffed sheep, of many different varieties, as well as sheep-themed postcards. At each sheep enclosure, you pass under a wooden gate-type thing that sets off your headset for that sheep species. The entire thing is dorkily narrated by a grandfather-type and a grandson-type who are, bizarrely, talking about sheep, and the little boy is just utterly fascinated. There are about twenty different species, including one enclosure of alpacas (they were pretty boring actually). There’s also a “Mini Ferme” where kids can feed milk to some baby sheep at certain times a day and the baby sheep go nuts waiting for them. So that was hilarious too.

Some of the first sheep we met. 

This species is apparently are getting smaller and smaller with each generation. Imagine how tiny they’ll be one day!

Actually, one of the coolest things we saw wasn’t technically part of Mouton Village but was just next to it. There were three horses in a field each with their own foal, and this one here looked just a couple of days old:

Unfortunately I only had my iPhone so didn’t get any particularly great pictures.


Beautiful baby goats at the mini ferme. They were tiny.

This dude had corkscrew antlers.

J had told me there were wolves at the end which I firmly did not believe, and, indeed, there were not. But it turns out he wasn’t lying because we asked at the ticket desk and she confirmed that they’d had some wolves until 1998, but since they were never very happy there, they’d sent them elsewhere.

We were pretty hungry afterward with all the talk of sheep’s cheese so we went to the artisanal boutique in the village where there was NO CHEESE. This place was adorable but the lack of cheese was really incomprehensible.


3 thoughts on “Sheep Town

  1. Ha, if you liked that, go to New Zealand…
    I agree, the lack of cheese is bizarre! Also didn’t know there were any départements west of Vienne, I thought that was on the Atlantic coast, but I actually think that I’m getting mixed up with the Vendée…

  2. You must be thinking of Vendée and La Roche sur Yon. Vienne is just south of your departement which is one of those Loir or Cher or Loire or Indre things that I can never remember, so there are actually TWO departements between us and the sea. (See here:

    Also, I did think of New Zealand when we were wandering around among all the sheep. I sort of thought they’d be fancier and/or weirder in New Zealand, though there were some weird ones at Mouton Village (four horns, corkscrew horns, etc).

    • Indre et Loire, I can never remember the others either… Especially when there’s “La Loire” and “Le Loir” further complicating matters

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