What to do in Poitiers on a rainy “pont” weekend

Because J works in lots of different companies all the time (he drives his little company Clio all over the Vienne to inspect the electrical systems in whatever building is up for inspection), his company can’t really work on the Fridays or Mondays between Tuesday or Thursday holidays, when there’s a good chance the people they need to talk to won’t be there. So J has no choice but to “poser un jour” and take off. For once, he was in Poitiers for a long weekend, and at school we got Friday off to make up for our Open House day back on a Saturday in March.

We had hoped to go to the Dune de Pyla, where I STILL HAVEN’T BEEN. Unfortunately it rained all weekend long. So, what’s there to do in Poitiers on a rainy long holiday weekend?

Wednesday night: Go to the FoirExpo, whose theme this year was Argentina. There were Argentinian dancers, Argentinian art, photographs of cool places in Argentina (I was fascinated by the glaciers, J, of course, by the cliffs…). There were carnival rides which I determinedly avoided and French hot dogs which I just as determinedly avoided (seriously, not only are they served on baguettes, they are also REALLY AWFUL).

Thursday: Go to Jardiland and buy plants. Drive by in-laws to play Xbox with brother-in-law, only to find that in-laws are not at home. Plan to get up at 9 the next day to go to the Dune de Pyla.

Friday: Get up at 11. Go instead to Mouton Villages. (See post below.)

Saturday: Get Chinese for lunch. Wander around various shops not really buying anything, but definitely sitting for a while in the massage chairs at Boulanger. Stop again at in-laws only to discover they are not there and they must actually be out of town (turns out they were in the Pyrenees).

Sunday: Grade papers. Then, go to the Festival du jeu en Poitou, which was pretty neat. It was basically a big board game day (actually the entire weekend) at the community center of a small town near us. The game association had set up lots of tables and different sections: some military game I didn’t know; fantasy games including Magic cards; and general board games. There were a few simpler games set up that involved moving pieces. It took us a while because the place was so packed, but we eventually scored an empty table and sat down to a game of Les Aventures du rail – Europe, with a ten-year-old and two other adults. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon and we ended the weekend with a drink at the Gazette, one of my favorite places for a Sunday drink in Poitiers. And let’s not forget that exciting part where we did make a final pass at the in-laws but they were STILL NOT HOME.

This morning it was back to the grind, with this week looking to be an entire actual full week of work. Don’t worry, by next week we’ll be back to normal with Pentecost off.


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