Yesterday I turned 28! What a weird age. My parents had my brother when they were 28. THAT is clearly not happening this year. Now, for two months, I will be two years older than J, an imbalance that I always want to end as soon as possible, but doesn’t till the end of August.

I started the day with an excellent hour with my 3e in the salle info at 8:15 am. Not (excellent, that is). But it was alright. I only see this group one more time tomorrow for games/snacks and have to hope they can just keep it together enough to play games and snack and not throw food or anything gross. Then I had lunch with my old colleagues at the engineering school, where we caught up on academic politics and the school and my stage year in general. Afterward I went into town to say a few goodbyes to friends who are leaving Poitiers. One of them gave me a plant for my birthday. I had been feeling a bit lazy about my birthday this year though I do really like for something special to happen, so it was nice that they had just discovered it was my birthday without me saying anything. On the drive back home in the rain, I got a call from J wondering where I was. When I got home I had a garden recliner waiting for me as a birthday gift. We’ll wait till the rain stops to put it outside but I’m excited. Then he suggested we go for cocktails in town. I hemmed and hawed because I had just been in town in the rain but said yes. It turns out he had invited all of our friends without telling me. Very sneaky move, especially since I didn’t get what was going on till the second person arrived. We finished the evening with sushi from our favorite Japanese restaurant and then I went to bed early to be at the school at 7:30 this morning to invigilate the French baccalauréat for the 1e. (Their subject was all poems. Verlaine and more Verlaine. And some de la Fontaine. I was happy to just watch.)

I have a few end-of-year posts prepared but I’m waiting for the year to actually end to post them. That means Friday. In the meantime, tomorrow is the fête de la musique and I’ll be playing with the band I play with. I’ll be breaking out the electric violin.


8 thoughts on “28

  1. I’ll let you know if any pictures or videos show up. It was weird playing with the electric violin. We didn’t have time to set up so I didn’t tune and it drove me nuts. And there wasn’t the usual build-up of rosin on the strings so the bow slipped around a bit. I’ll have to get used to it.

  2. Zhu says:

    My parents had me young as well and I remember thinking the same when I turned the birthday when they had me (25? Can’t remember!). Anyway, happy belated birthday!

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