Summer Projects

Except I’m serious.

This summer I have all sort of projects (sort of like those Leroy Merlin ads, no, exactly like that, it’s a little sad). 1) Reupholster the kitchen chairs, 2) repaint our ugly kitchen cabinet, 3) clean up the garden, 4) plan all of my classes… and the big one: 5) redo the linoleum kitchen floor. When we visited the house before renting it, I was sort of shocked at the state of the floors. Mostly the kitchen. You could pick the linoleum up at the corner of the room and drop it back down.

Here’s some photographic evidence of the awful state of this floor.

Kitchen, dining room side of bar. Looks sort of okay, right?

From the other end of the room

The kitchen side of the bar. Here you can start to see the folds that are basically everywhere. You can also just make out the ugly kitchen cabinet that I want to repaint.

A close-up of some of the holes torn in the linoleum. You can also see the joints that have separated between the different cuts of linoleum.

Closer up

More lovely tears in the floor

Tears by the radiator (you can see the folded up new roll of linoleum here)

Bad picture, but just to show that the linoleum doesn’t go up to the wall anywhere in the room.

And here is the new stuff that we picked out Friday:

The new linoleum

This is a project I’m completing myself with some help from J’s dad, because J is more or less against putting more effort into the house. I can’t believe he can tolerate the state of the kitchen floor, but then, he’s not the one who tries to keep it clean. Unfortunately, an unpredicted project has come up in my summer, which is 6) get tonsillitis, and it doesn’t want to go away. So I meant to start this last week and haven’t been able to yet. I hope to do the kitchen in two big cuts, on either side of the bar (unfortunately the new linoleum design is in diamonds so there will probably be some obvious cuts). So tonight I’ll ask J to help me move the furniture out of the dining room half, and I’ll ask his dad for some tools, so that I can start tearing up the old linoleum in the one half of the room and clean up the floor underneath. Then I’ll ask J’s dad to come help me lay down the linoleum in the one half of the room, glue it down, let it rest, and then start all over with the other side, which will be the real pain in the butt (the oven, fridge, cabinet, and laundry machine will all have to be moved).


2 thoughts on “Summer Projects

  1. I don’t know if you remember reading about our apartment renovation experiences, but two years later I still think it was the best 400€ we ever spent. Our apartment is about 300€ cheaper/mo than it should be because of the state it was in, but all it took was a lot of cleaning, a coat of fresh paint everywhere and new flooring and now it looks like a completely different place. We get compliments on it all the time and it is definitely a place I love coming home too – and being happy in your home makes all the difference, especially after rough days at work. In fact, if it had a second bedroom, we’d probably stay here forever!

    • I do remember that, and it’s pretty much my attitude. Now that I think we’ll be living here a few years (till we buy something probably) I’d really like to make the best of it! Some rentals are what you make of them.

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