Linoleum Update

J’s parents came over and helped me finish the flooring yesterday.

On the other side of the bar, things were more complicated. Our kitchen is over five meters long and the sheet of linoleum is only 4. So we had to make four cuts. One of them we’ll never see because it’s so close to the wall and there will be the newly painted kitchen cabinet on top of it.

Also, the enduit wasn’t as smooth as we would have liked. We sanded it down a bit with sandpaper but still, this side of the kitchen just isn’t as lisse as the other.



From the other end

In reality, the joints in the lino don’t really jump out at you since the lino has so many different colors in it to start with. We’ll wait till tomorrow to put all the kitchen furniture back in.

The big drag right now is that we’re switching from gaz de ville (gas through the city) to gas from a tank (do ANY Americans do this?) because the subscription to the city gas costs more than the gas itself. Not knowing anything about this process (again, do ANY Americans do this?), I trusted J and assumed it was simple. Not so. We got an old butane bottle from his parents and went and exchanged it for a new full one. But you need “injectors” on your burners to adjust them to make the right sized flame from the tank. J, who is a master right now at losing track of his things (TAXES), can’t find the injectors that are supposed to be sold with the stove (he thinks he may never have gotten them, which I guess is possible). So we are looking for them (internet, appliance services) in order to be able to use our stove again normally. There’s also some sort of small but annoying leak coming out of SOMEWHERE so we leave the tank closed unless we’re cooking. Que du bonheur.

Coming soon: the repainted kitchen cabinet. I’ve put it all back together and put decorative stickers on it today. After all this, I hope still to reupholster (sort of crudely) the kitchen chairs.

Do I have anything not kitchen-related to say? Oh yes! But I sadly have no photographic evidence. The horse jumped out of his field and into our yard this morning. I was walking down the car and saw him standing by J’s old car. He seemed super happy with the amount of grass in our yard and I would have been happy to have him eat it all, but obviously there were other concerns at hand (escaping onto the road, or into the neighbor’s beautifully-planted vegetable garden). So I called the mairie who took care of it; when I came back this afternoon he was gone. Will he come back to his little field?


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