Three things, but primarily the meuble

1. Our kitchen is rapidly coming back together. One of the smaller projects was to repaint this cabinet:

I forgot to take a picture of it before taking the doors off. But I think you can imagine.

From the side

My old roommate Marie had painted this before I moved in. I find the combination of colors awful, which is too bad, because the paint job looked complicated and well done.

I had resolved to paint it something sort of neutral to go with the grays and oranges in our kitchen.

Before putting the handles back on

Once it was all painted I thought a few decorations would be nice. So I went to Castorama and found those stickers for sprucing up your walls.


We’re also putting it in an easier place to see in the kitchen. I’m way happy with it.

2. In other news, the horse is back in his field with a reinforced barrier between it and us. He left us a few “gifts” in our outer garden. J thinks that given the number of them, he probably spent the night in our yard.

3. I got my timetable for my BTS hours a few weeks ago, and upon looking at it with a BTS colleague the other day, realized that one hour had been added to my schedule. Normally not a bit deal—but I was already at 19.87 hours per week. Normal teacher workload is 18 hours and the school can “impose” an hour of (paid) overtime. This brings me to 20.87 hours. I would love to drop a class and get back down to 18 hours, in spite of the extra pay. But I’m not sure there’s anyway for anyone else to pick up the hours!

Plus, my school is private and does what is called “capitalisation” of hours, which means our classes are all 50 minutes instead of 55. To make up those two lost hours per week, we do two hours of “activities” per week—extra help in English, career counseling, conversation, whatnot. Which feels like two extra hours of work even though it’s pretty easy (no inspection possible, no heavy planning). On top of that, I’m going to help plan a trip for the middle schoolers to England this year.

Anyway, I can’t decide if I’m asking for trouble with a timetable like this or if I’m overanalyzing things. Almost one hour of the BTS hours is “studio work and projects”, 45 minutes is for planning, and then the one new hour will be with very few students (maximum seven or eight). Fortunately, no one’s at the school right now so I have some time to think about it.


What do you think?

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