My titre de séjour is ready!

We got back from the south yesterday at around 8 and today Ju went to the mailbox to sift through all of the ads we’d received in our absence. Tucked in the middle of one of them was my letter from the prefecture saying that my new titre de séjour is ready. This wouldn’t immediately be clear to the untrained eye from the letter they sent, where it does not actually say that a titre de séjour is ready for me. Instead, it states clearly that I’ve asked for one and that I need to bring my récépissé, passport, and old titre de séjour along with the tax (of 106 euros) the date of my new appointment.

I’m relieved as always. This year the relief is because of the lack of J’s avis d’imposition with our common address on it (see this post), and because the rectorat sent me another mysterious e-mail telling me I needed a titre de séjour for this year. I’m not sure why they’re stating the obvious (which they had already done by phone and e-mail back in March), but I assume it’s because they wouldn’t have jumped through the tax hoops to get me a titre de séjour again. I’m not sure why, but it’s true that now that this is a permanent position, it would be much more expensive for them. Last year it was just a question of around 200 euros.

Anyway, the fact that my récépissé still said “célibataire” and “travailleur temporaire” and “n’autorise pas son titulaire à travailler sans APT” also bugged me. The woman at the guichet had told me that the changes (as in, I’m not célibataire, and this was not for a “travailleur temporaire” cds) wouldn’t show up on the récépissé, only on the new carte de séjour. But it perturbed me, and I was worried it would perturb the rectorat since I have to start work at the end of August! I had reassured myself by looking into the immigration code that a récépissé of this type DOES give you the right to work, but the rectorat knows less about this than I do and I was always worried they’d freak out unnecessarily.

Coming soon, a non-bureaucratic post about my little jaunt to the south this past week.


4 thoughts on “My titre de séjour is ready!

  1. Zhu says:

    Congrats! I dealt with enough immigration docs to know it’s always a relief when you are told you are good for another year/few months!

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