Vacances: Gap, Les Gorges du loup

Last Thursday I took three different trains down to meet up with my old roommate Marie and her family in Gap. We picnicked by a lake about a half hour from Gap. The views were pretty ridiculous.

Friday Marie and I went to Valence, where she works and studies now, but I didn’t get any good pictures there. Valence seemed like a neat city, though I went out once alone and got pissed off by a small bit of street harassment, so I can’t say I was overly taken with it. Marie said it’s an active and pretty city, but she doesn’t like the southern attitude—e.g. throwing your trash on the ground instead of in the waste bin five feet away.

Saturday I joined up with Ju who was rock-climbing in the Gorges du Loup.

Sunday I spent reading and watching them rock-climb.

We picnicked here before heading up the windy, windy road to the rock-climbing site. No one told me to take mercalme before leaving. AHEM. But I did not throw up.

The climber in his natural habitat

The falaise (well, part of it)

Getting ready

Sunday they went to an area with a “marche d’approche” that I knew I wouldn’t like, plus I was feeling weird, so I stayed instead down by the river, went swimming, and finished reading Les Années-collège.

The boys joined me at the end.

Ready for a dip in the cold water

Informing them that I was taking a picture had unforeseen consequences

We drove back up Tuesday. School starts back up in a little over two weeks.


5 thoughts on “Vacances: Gap, Les Gorges du loup

  1. L says:

    Haha! Had to laugh at the comment of Valence being in the “south”. In Toulouse and Montpellier the limit is Montélimar, so Valence is “clearly” not in Southern France. It’s a rather functional town, not really a great place to visit, so don’t worry about not finding the town that great.

  2. Zhu says:

    Summer holidays are almost over, already? I think school starts earlier than “back in my days”, about ten years ago. We used to start high school around mid-September I think.

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