Rentrée #2

Well it’s now my last week of vacation before the rentrée. I’m trying to get everything organized for next week. Fortunately I’ve already bought this skirt at H&M so the highly important matter of what to wear is settled:

I’m going into this year more cool-headed than last year. I’m hoping to intimidate on the first day, at least in collège. I even considered wearing my glasses. The only problem is I can’t see nearly as well with them as with my contacts. But I will probably tie my hair back tight and try to give many many stern looks.

In unrelated news, I’m going to a French orthopedist tomorrow about my feet. Remember all those angst-filled posts back in 2009 about my feet and potentially getting surgery? And then how I didn’t have surgery? Well I put that off for about three years. Tomorrow I’m hoping the orthopedist will give me some advice about my options for more dramatic solutions than my orthotics, which no longer do the trick.


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