A few developments…

1) I go back to school tomorrow, starting with the 2e. In my groups there are a few really great kids that I had in 3e last year, and only a couple of trouble-makers, but not the worst of them. I’ve been told I have some great students in my 3e and 5e classes too. Here’s hoping it all goes fairly well for as long as possible. The optimist in me speaking…

2) I got my titre de séjour today. The Rectorat did indeed freak out last week about my titre de séjour, since all they knew was that I had to have one, and not how the process actually works. For future reference for anyone in this type of situation, the prefecture cannot give you a titre de séjour before it takes effect. This makes sense, since they take your old one from you at that time. But the people at the Rectorat (not the same woman as last year, unfortunately) were living in some alternate world where they imagined I could ask for my new titre de séjour whenever I wanted (whereas it’s really 3 months maximum in advance) and get it whenever I wanted. So I had to send them the links to the laws explaining that my récépissé allowed me to work. Here they are in case anyone ever needs them:

The Rectorat backed down quickly but the whole thing was not, as the French would say, “normal.”

3) I made a date at the polyclinique in Poitiers to have foot surgery. I’ll go into hospital on November 21st and leave on November 23rd, but will most likely be out of work till the rentrée in January, owing to the fact that I won’t be able to walk much. The French orthopedist was very reassuring, seemed very competent, and suggested the simplest of the surgeries that I knew about for this problem. It’s not a permanent fix (there is none for osteoarthritis) but walking should be much easier afterward, for several years.

4) J and I bought our plane tickets to go to the States in February. He’ll be taking a three-week trip, spending a week without me at Hueco Tanks State Park near El Paso, one of the best bouldering sites in the United States (the best according to some). I’ll meet up with him there when my vacation starts, spend a few days there, and then we’ll fly (yes, fly) to San Antonio to spend a week and a half with my parents. This will be J’s first trip to the U.S. though not his first trip to North America. I’m SUPER excited. I’m making a list of things that I’ll show him or force him to try:

  • Texas barbecue
  • Elaborate pancakes from some sort of diner
  • Tex Mex
  • Margaritas
  • Bagels
  • Cheesecake
  • My mom’s homemade bread

It appears for the moment that the list is entirely food-based. Hmm.

That’s all for now, cross your fingers for me that this school year will be ten times better than last year!


2 thoughts on “Developments

  1. mom says:

    anybody going to San Antonio has to see the missions, and although it isn’t a board American experience—it is about immigration and how it affects those already in locus

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