Journées du patrimoine 2012

I’m always aware of the anniversary of my arrival in Poitiers because it was just before the Journées du patrimoine. I didn’t take any pictures last year, but I drove the newly-arrived English lecteurs at the fac (and Dan) to the Saint Savin Abbey in, well, Saint Savin, about an hour from here. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. This year I suggested we go to the Abbey at Nouaillé-Maupertuis, where I went in 2009 just after first arriving in Poitiers, and which is from the 12th century

We were there at the beginning of the afternoon this time, so the light wasn’t quite as enchanting as the evening light in 2009, but the abbey site is still very pretty.

Medieval (or maybe 1700s) drawing of the abbey grounds

Closer up. Look at all the s’s!!

We tried to go see some local farmer’s demonstrations in another town but the lack of signage kept us from finding them. So we ended up back in Chauvigny, where we had also stopped last year.

Chauvigny has five fortresses up on its hill in varying degrees of ruin. It’s a very picturesque place.

The Château de Chauvigny

The Château de Chauvigny houses a falcon show.

We didn’t go in. It cost 11 euros.

Lots of stuff was open in Poitiers (the prefecture, the hôtel de ville, the closed Hypogées des dunes museum) but I didn’t manage to make it to any of it because there was a family baptism today near Niort. Maybe next year!


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