Master Chef, etc.

There’s not much to report, but I hate letting the blog sit for too long so here are a few random things:

1) Ju is going to a yearly climbing competition this coming weekend in the south of France near the Pyrenees, called “Les 24 heures du mur,” whose operation I’ve never really understood. But it does involve 24 hours of rock-climbing for those who want it, and Ju always camps out with other climbers at the foot of the rock-climbing wall. There’s also always a dinner. This year that dinner will be part of the Master Chef tv competition—i.e., the master chef contestants will be cooking for them! I will try to report back when we know when the episode will air.

2) My brother is coming to visit mid-November, the weekend before my foot surgery. He’ll be here for the weekend, as he’ll be spending three weeks in Florence for a conference. I’m really excited. I hope to give him a whirlwind tour of Poitiers (don’t laugh) including one or two of our favorite restaurants (oh lord, teaching British English has gotten to me, I almost put a u in that word!), a quick stop in at the lycée, and the charming and newly un-sooted centre ville. (Poitiers used to be quite sooty, a result of pollution over the past few decades, and the city has been running a campaign to get it cleaned up, including the monuments in the centre ville—some of them are almost unrecognizable without the layer of black).


2 thoughts on “Master Chef, etc.

  1. At first I read that as Top Chef and was way too excited! Master Chef is also exciting of course, but I love Top Chef!

    I really liked Poitiers, hope your brother does too, & good luck for the surgery!

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